Magnified Media creates the content, design, video, photography, distribution channels, and bright ideas required to engage with your audience (and gain new fans)



Tap into our senior team of content strategists who have a combined eight decades of top-tier digital and print publishing experience.


Digital Projects

We create unique, exciting sites and apps for web, tablet, and mobile, plus custom videos and do cool social media makeovers.


Custom Publishing

Print is still one of the best ways to grab eyeballs. We make high-quality custom magazines to reach your audience and extend your brand.



What We Do



Digital Design, Development & Content



First impressions matter. We help brands put their best foot forward by designing and building web sites that make an impact. From the initial strategy stages to design to development and full content creation, we do it all.


High-quality video production, original photo shoots, content that magnifies your brand: Big ideas equal big results.


Our Digital Services
* Web site design
* Development
* Responsive design
* Digital strategy
* Full content creation
* User experience analysis
* Video production
* Photography
* SEO optimization
* E-commerce sites
* Custom WordPress sites
* Mobile design and development


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Custom Magazines



Print is here to stay. And it’s alive and well in one interesting sector: brand publishing. Two of the highest-circulation magazines today? It’s no surprise that they’re brand magazines: Gamestop’s Game Informer and Costco Connections.


Nothing connects brands with readers and potential new customers like print does: slick, targeted, utterly impressive.


Our Magazine Services


* Custom print and digital magazines
* Full production capabilities
* Photography
* Design
* Writing/editing
* Ad sales
* Production
* Distribution



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Branding + Logo Design



The design of your logo, packaging, and overall branding says a lot about who you are. It’s the first thing that anyone sees when they’re making a gut decision.


We’re sticklers for great, meaningful design. Believe us, it matters.


Our Branding Services
* Custom logo design
* Branding strategy
* Packaging design

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Social Media Strategy/Community Management


If you build it, they will come? Not quite. The best content strategy can only work with a great distribution channel. Magnified Media’s social media marketing pros not only come up with the social strategy, they also handle community management.


Reach more people where it counts and grow, grow, grow.


Our Social Media Services
* Social strategy
* Voice definition
* Community management
* Content marketing and promotions
* Infographics
* Platform redesigns
* Training
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Google +
* Pinterest
* Custom Tumblrs
* Instagram
* LinkedIn


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