MTV’s New Mission: Real-Time News

MTV-man-on-moonBefore Vice, MTV was one of the most envelope-pushing networks around. Through the decades, however, many a critic has suggested that the network has lost its bite. But an exciting revolution is in the works — and it involves two media buzzwords of the past few years: real-time and video.

“MTV, more than any network, has an imperative for reinvention. The network must anticipate changing tastes and trends among its young audience,” Viacom’s CEO Philippe Dauman said recently. “A bold period of reinvention is at hand at MTV.” 

With second-by-second coverage happening on Twitter, youth culture is used to getting small bites of fast news — no matter how important or unimportant that news actually is. It’s put a huge emphasis on all media to catch up.

For MTV, that means this: the network will begin spitting out what it describes as “real-time interstitial coverage” of the hottest news events (and no doubt social media minutia) of the minute. “Think the quick-hit video pieces invented by MTV but produced on the fly throughout the day to reflect trending topics, extending the network’s always-on dialogue with the audience,” Dauman explains.

Not that much more is known about the project, but it will start to take flight in the coming months.

What do you think? Are you interested to see more real-time MTV video? 

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